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"Gain confidence that your product or service are in the correct shape in the market place"


RDAS offers a variety of retail audits that help you gain confidence of your product or service placement in the market.

Retail Brand Health Audits

The development of Consumer Brand Health aims to influence consumer brand selection through Awareness, Association, Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty.

Get the real view of how your brand is presented and positioned in retail environments.

We conduct professional audits that help measure your brand's effectiveness against your competitors at the point of purchase. 

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Product Audit 

Position, availability and pricing are paramount in a successful sale to your customers.

Are your products in the ideal place and presented in the manner they are supposed to be?

RDAS can help you verify your product, placement, pricing and promotional activities to reinforce your product positioning.

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Service Audit

Verify the integrity of your services, whether done internally or outsourced, with an independent audit from RDAS.

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